COSI’s Lost Egypt Exhibition

Blog Authors

Kate Storm, COSI Experience Division
I currently work at COSI as the Director of Experience Development and am the project leader for Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science. I’m really excited about sharing my thoughts, insights, successes, and challenges surrounding the production of this exhibit. The exhibition construction is overwhelming yet extremely fun!

Josh Kessler, COSI Experience Division
Hi! I have the honor of working as an Associate Exhibition Producer at COSI, where I manage the creation, installation, and removal of traveling exhibitions. My role for Lost Egypt is assisting Kate with research and production for the entire exhibition.

Carli Lanfersiek, COSI Advancement Division
I am the Marketing Manager for COSI, and I’ll be contributing info from the marketing perspective as it relates to Lost Egypt… from the brand, photography & video, audience reach, advertising campaigns, and best of all… field reporter! I’ll be communicating and showcasing the work of others on the project, while offering my own experiences. Stay tuned!


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