COSI’s Lost Egypt Exhibition

About Lost Egypt

Lost Egypt is a traveling exhibition being created by the COSI science center in Columbus, Ohio, and it is set to open Summer 2009. This blog is documenting the development of the exhibition and giving you a sneak peek behind-the-scenes commentary about its construction.

Here’s our big idea: modern archaeologists use science and technology to uncover and understand the people and culture of ancient Egypt.

Why Build an Exhibit about Egypt?

Let’s face it…Egypt is cool! Archaeology has come a long way from its treasure seeking past. As a science, archaeology is the study of historic people and their cultures by excavation and analysis of their material remains. Egypt is full of mystery, and it is reported that there is still 70% of ancient Egypt still buried in the sand.

COSI is about creating experiences that give people a sense of wonder when they discover something new. We felt that a hands-on exhibit centering on archaeology would address misunderstandings people have regarding the topic, as well as inspire future generations of scientists to the excitement of archaeological discovery.

COSI is part of the Science Museum Exhibit Collaborative (SMEC), which is a partnership of science museums across the USA. SMEC has had a hand in creating traveling, hands-on exhibitions since 1984. COSI Columbus created the first of these exhibits called the “Science of Sports.”


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