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First Ride on the Camel by COSI

Author: Kate

Josh, John, and Kate on Camel

Josh, John, and Kate on Camel

Recently Josh Kessler, John Shaw (our Traveling Exhibits Manager) and I attended the annual ASTC conference (ASTC is the Association of Science-Technology Centers) in Philadelphia. We had a great time attending sessions, working at our booth in the Exhibit Hall and being involved in some unconventional networking with our colleagues – we played a mega-game of Assassins, and all three of us were eliminated by noon on the first day! Well played Minotaur Mazes and Indianapolis Children’s Museum (Indy took out both John and Josh…)  and a big thank you to Cynthia Sharpe of Thinkwell Design & Production for organizing the game (they’re the folks who designed our current Sesame Street traveling exhibition).

Here’s our booth at the conference. We included the prototype of the pyramid puzzle we’ll have in Lost Egypt, as well as Sarah the Camel and another traveling exhibit we manage – Zula Patrol: Mission Weather.

ASTC Booth

ASTC Booth

The biggest highlight for me was when a family visited the Exhibit Hall (it’s mostly adults, and for some reason most of them didn’t take us up on the offer to ride the camel). There were two little girls, ages 2 ¾, from Philadelphia. One of them wasn’t so sure about the camel, but the other one, Aurelia Browning, became the first kid to ride on the camel! She got a lift up, but once there, seemed perfectly content to sit in the saddle and look around.

Aurelia on the Camel

Aurelia on the Camel

We joked with her and asked “Is this your first time on a camel?”

She replied “No.”

Uh, okay. Not the answer we expected. It turned out that Aurelia and her sister had recently visited the zoo, and got to ride on a camel there. So while we didn’t give Aurelia her first camel ride, she’ll always be remembered by us as the first kid to ride Sarah the Camel. Thanks to Aurelia and her family for letting us take the picture and tell the story. We can’t wait to share the camel with more kids in Lost Egypt!



I would have had no problems climbing up on Sarah. Well, actually I wouldn’t have had a problem with the idea of sitting on the camel. Actually climbing up would have probably required a ladder, crane, or other lifting device. Once in the saddle I’m sure I would have had a ball and yelled things like, “Yee Haw!” and “Git along little camel.” Sometimes I’m really not inhibited…

Comment by Julie

Hmmm! Josh and John were taken out early in the game Assassin eh? For shame. I always knew Kate was devious. She must have ratted out Josh and John. If you ever need a hand with this game let me know. I have a lot of experience with the game.


Comment by Gary Saum

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