COSI’s Lost Egypt Exhibition

Rapid Prototyping a Mummy by COSI

Author: Kate

Mummy Rapid Prototype Front

Here are the photos of the first life-sized rapid prototype of a mummy!!! If you’ve never seen a rapid prototype, they’re very cool. It starts with CAD or other digital data, which is sent to a 3D printer. In our case, we are using a CT scan that was taken of the mummy that will be on display in the Lost Egypt exhibition. The printer works like your home or office printer, but with bondable powder in place of paper, and adhesive in place of ink. The printer spreads out a layer of powder on the forward swing and sprays glue on the reverse swing. The bonding adhesive (a material resembling super glue) is sprayed out according to the information in an individual scan layer. This is repeated layer by layer until the entire object is produced in full volume (a model of a human skull can take several hours). This project was led by Dr. Jonathan Elias, Director of the Akhmim Mummy Studies Consortium, and Dr. Robert Hoppa, University of Manitoba. The printer was manufactured by Z Corporation.

Mummy Rapid Prototype SideThis is the first of three prints we’re making for Lost Egypt. This is a totally new way to see a mummy, allowing us to show a three-dimensional view of a mummy unwrapped. Until this time, the only options to see inside a mummy would be through CT scans, which are 2D images representing 3D data, or to actually unwrap a mummy, destroying it in the process. In the next two sculptures, we’ll go underneath the bandages to reveal the mummy, first with skin, and then at a more skeletal level. We think this will provide a fascinating new view of scientific data.


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This is so freaking cool! Just add adhesive and POOF! Instant mummy! Well, not really instant, but way faster than doing it another way. The 3D will help the visitors to visualize the reality so much better. And I love that you are doing lessening degrees of the mummy. Wow. This summer cannot come fast enough.

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