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Another Day, Another Pyramid by COSI
November 11, 2008, 2:26 pm
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Author: Josh

Another big announcement out of Egypt: Dr. Zahi Hawass has just announced that a team of archaeologists has discovered the remains of a previously unknown pyramid at Saqqara, the 118th pyramid that we know of in Egypt.

Djoser Pyramid Complex

Djoser Pyramid Complex

You may recall that one of the stops we made in Egypt was in Saqqara, and it’s an amazing place. It’s the location of the first Egyptian pyramid, the pyramid of Djoser, and a great deal of Old Kingdom mastabas. You may also remember that this is the second pyramid to be uncovered at Saqqara this year, which seems unreal until you consider how much Egyptian history remains buried in the sand.

Consider this from Dr. Sarah Parcak, one of the Egyptologists whom we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing… Her work uses satellite imagery and other remote sensing methods to locate new archaeological sites in Egypt. When she compares the size and number of the new sites that she has discovered to the size and number of all current and previous Egyptian archaeological digs, she estimates that only 0.01% of the archaeological sites in Egypt have been examined!

There’s truly a lot of Lost Egypt left to find. Here’s another link that gives a taste of some of what’s left to be uncovered.

I know I’m going to keep an eye on Dr. Hawass’s website


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