COSI’s Lost Egypt Exhibition

Egypt Trip Conclusion – Back Home by Carli
March 18, 2008, 3:36 pm
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Author: Carli

I am back at work today, and somehow my cubicle feels smaller. There just isn’t enough sunlight coming through, and I would rather tell stories about our trip than plow through my endless email inbox. I’m also struggling with the reality that last week I saw King Tut, and this week I am vacuuming and changing diapers again. There should be some sort of detox program to take you from the dawn of civilization and touching of history, back to the real world of 30-degree rainy, Columbus weather and household chores. Plunging from one to the next is just too hard on the system.

It seems like looking back on our blog entries that we over-used the words awe-inspiring and amazing. But I’m not sure that any other words in the English language would suffice. And even those don’t seem to do justice to the profoundness of what we saw. It was a life changing experience; that’s the only way to put it. My Aunt Sandy wrote me a note that said that reading our entries every day was a bit like peeking out from our pockets to catch a glimpse of what we were experiencing. If that is the case for others as well, then our mission was successful.

Our next challenge will be plowing through the hundreds of priceless images and countless hours of video clips to piece them together into the exhibit materials and promotional elements. I can’t even fathom where we’ll start. And I’m sure we’ll laugh and cry all over again as we look back at them. I am desperately hopeful that the exhibit will give an accurate glimpse into both the science and process of archaeology and the cultural richness that we experienced. It was the trip of a lifetime, and I wish I could broadcast it to the world! So here I am trying!


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