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Responsibility – My Thoughts by COSI
March 6, 2008, 11:34 am
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Guest Author: Brad Feinknopf, Photographer

On day one, I was dealing with the shock to your system that one is no longer in the United States and that you have arrived in a very different culture, with different customs, climate and etiquette.

On day two, I was at the Pyramids of Giza and all I could think was, “Wow, I am standing at the Pyramids of Giza”.

But in day three, I had an epiphany. I have been given a tremendous opportunity. A once in a lifetime opportunity but, with that opportunity comes great responsibility. I am seeing first hand what many of the people who attend the exhibit will never see first hand and even if they travel to Egypt, they will never be given the access to many of the closed tombs and sites to which I am being given access. Therefore, it is my obligation, to those 10s and possibly 100s of thousand of people who may come to this Exhibit, to be their eyes and see for them first hand, so they can see second hand what amazing treasures exist in this great land of Egypt.

I relish the opportunity but understand the importance of what I am doing and want to make sure that when the job is done, that it is a job done well.



The videos and slide shows have already been truly awe inspiring for me. The biggest “Ah ha!” moment was when you showed the close ups of the hieroglyphs. You know how back in grade school you were given worksheets with “hieroglyphs” on them and were supposed to use a code to translate a sentence? I always thought those were just made up pictures and not real hieroglyphs. I can see now that they were real ones! Maybe the teacher had said they were real and I just missed that. But I wished it had been made more obvious at the time! Anyway, seeing what your team is doing over there now will make the exhibit more real and exciting for me when it opens. Think about having a small part that is the making of “Lost Egypt”. I think it might humanize the exhibit for more people.

Comment by Ghoulie

Brad– We are delighted that you are part of our team. You are the perfect choice to be our “eyes” to these incredible experiences. Many, many thanks.


Comment by Sarah

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