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Friendships and Thumb Wrestling by Kate
March 6, 2008, 5:09 pm
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Author: Kate

This has been one of the most amazing experiences in my entire life, and I’m certain the others feel the same. It’s a great group of people. We get tired and cranky sometimes, but overall, everyone has been such a trooper. Long days – up around 6-7am (or yesterday, 2am, to fly to Luxor!), shooting all day, skipping lunch every day just to keep filming, and then a nice dinner together where we finally relax, and practically fall asleep at the table. After the others go to sleep, Carli, Josh and I write the blog and thumb wrestle over who gets the Snickers bar in the mini-fridge.

Despite the hours, I feel so energized! I’m writing this at a desk where I can turn my head and see the Nile! How cool is that? My shoes are covered in sand from all the different places we’ve visited, and my brother Andy’s backpack is propped up at my feet, filled with permission slips, sunscreen, bottles of water, and my journal.

The partnerships we’re forming, and the way we’re telling this story, is so exciting to both us and the archaeologists. They couldn’t believe we weren’t going to ask another ‘tell us about your coolest/latest/most popular discovery” question, and were genuinely interested in telling the story of their process, their real work.

Every day we think the experience and footage can’t possibly top the day before. Well, maybe top is the wrong word. You don’t forget seeing the pyramids, obviously. But I am constantly impressed and humbled by the talent we have here to document this trip, and the incredible beauty of the visual stories we’re telling.


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Thank you to you and the whole team for posting on the blog. For starters, I can see that you are fine and I don’t worry about my bestest friend. But it is wonderful sharing this experience back in freezing Ohio. I love seeing the detail and colors of the artwork in the tombs. I can’t imagine anything lasting as long as these things have. It just blows my mind.

And it was great seeing the pictures of the people you are meeting. The potters were cool. I love that they were using their feet to help stabilize the pots they were working on. I would so love to do that! Hey! Bring me a pot! ; – D

We have a lot to catch up on when you get back. I figure it will probably take a least a day or two!

Be safe.

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