COSI’s Lost Egypt Exhibition

Adventures of Being an American by Carli
March 6, 2008, 8:13 pm
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Author: Carli

Before coming to Egypt, I was asked by countless friends and family to die my hair in order to better blend in. Well clearly there is no blending for our group. We are loud, boisterous Americans with giant equipment, and sunburned skin (sorry Mom). The local women are mostly wrapped in their traditional hegab, headscarf, and often follow behind the men in their group. So I prepared myself for some serious discomfort, but have found that it is certainly not the case.

The people are warm and friendly, and have an amazing sense of humor. Almost everyone we have encountered speaks a bit of broken English, and enjoys our long pause of mass befuddlement as we sort through their casual sarcasm. They are delighted by our tourism and of course, our checkbooks. I do get a few uncomfortable stares, and the occasional shouted comment, which I am glad not to understand, but it is not any more than would be expected walking through a parking lot of tailgaters before a Bengals game.

And if I could pick one highlight from today’s adventures, it would be when our Egyptologist, Bahaa Gaber, showed us how to write COSI in hieroglyphics. I shot a video of this, but because there wasn’t much light it didn’t come out after uploading it to YouTube.

PS – The last tomb we visited today was called Amenkherkhepshaf. Say that three times fast. Or maybe even just once.

Inside Epuy’s Tomb – Showcase of Art


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Breath-taking….I can’t believe what you’re capturing….what an incredible gift to bring back and share…


miss you s

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