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Nobody Wanted to Play Hide-and-Seek by Carli
March 5, 2008, 11:03 pm
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Author: Carli

I am sore, exhausted, and content. We had another incredible day which began at 2AM, and then we boarded a plane and flew to Luxor, the tourist mecca of the Nile Valley. The city of only 150,000 inhabitants is home to two amazing temples we had the privilege of visiting today.

The Luxor Temple was largely completed by the 18th Dynasty by Pharoah Amenhotep III and added to by Ramses II in the 19th Dynasty, and the Karnak Temple was built in the 11th Dynasty (around 1,000 B.C.) then renovated over and over by pharaohs wanting to make their mark on the country’s most important temple. Both complexes feature endless courts, halls, and row after row of towering columns. I wanted to run in-and-out of them, and was so tempted to challenge our crew to what would have been a fantastic game of hide-and-seek. But I had to keep it together, be professional, and do my job!

Along with breath-taking photography and video, we also were able to do a shoot with the niece and nephew of our Egyptologist guide, resulting in precious images of the 5 and 9-year-olds holding hands within the temples, and running their tiny hands along the hieroglyphics. Another successful day.


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Really great walk through images, but your time-frame is a little off. The 18th dynasty (Amhose to Horemheb) was 1539 to around 1200) and the 19th (Ramses I to Queen Tawosret)from 1200 to around 1100, as the 11th Dynasty(Mentuhotep I to Mentuhotep IV)1900 to 1875), as my dates are approximate.

Comment by Steven Schlah

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