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Some Colors of Life Never Fade by Kate
March 4, 2008, 7:19 pm
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Author: Kate

One of the most amazing things was seeing colors still on the walls after thousands of years. Many of the images of everyday life in Egypt were faded to the color of the original stone, but there were bits of rust-orange, blue-green faience, and ochre yellow contrasting with the warm brown of the stone.

We ended up at the Tomb of Ptah-hotep, which was absolutely beautiful. Relief-carved hieroglyphics were right next to intricate images of life in Egypt, with scenes of offerings to the deceased and scenes from life in ancient Egypt – people preparing food, a scribe writing, idealized figures of men and women in rich colors adorning the walls.

Yesterday I thought nothing could be as incredible as seeing the pyramids and the Sphinx – that every day after that couldn’t help but be a bit of a letdown. Instead, each day brings new surprises and stories.

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