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Finishing the Unfinished by Josh
March 4, 2008, 6:24 pm
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Author: Josh

The last tomb we visited today was unfinished. While some of the relief carvings in the entrance chamber had been completed, others had just been begun, their solid outlines standing in stark contrast to the smooth, rounded, dimensional figures of the finished scenes. Looking at these images, I almost wanted to finish them myself, to complete the story that their artist had begun 4,400 years ago.

In a way, finishing these images is similar to what archaeologists are doing when they examine the lives of these ancient Egyptians. Every Egyptologist with whom we’ve spoken has been more excited about what they’d love to discover than they have about that which they’ve already learned. Dr. Tavares spoke yesterday of everything that they’ve yet to learn about the pyramid builders.

Our guide today, the inspector at the Saqqara site, introduced us to some of the mysteries of Saqqara, from the discovery of a tomb that was built some 2,000 years after those surrounding it to the unknown relationship between the two men found in the so-called Tomb of Two Brothers, the only tomb shared by two men that has ever been discovered.

What was it that led the ancient Egyptians to build the first columns in the history of the world at the Temple of Djoser? What led Imhotep to his stacked mastabas that formed Djoser’s Step Pyramid? And what was life like for the people carved in the Tomb of Ti, the ones baking bread, raising livestock, and preparing a feast for their master’s afterlife? The work of these amazing people whom we’re meeting will help to smooth the edges of these mysteries’ relief, allowing us to see their image as it was meant to appear.


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