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Egypt Fun Facts We’ve Learned So Far… by Carli
March 3, 2008, 6:51 am
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Author: Carli

I want to share some fun facts that we’ve learned along the way.
In no particular order:

  • The population of Cairo is 18 million during the day, and 16 million at night (2 million commute into the city to work).
  • 90% of Egypt is desert; 5% residential; 5% farmland
  • Cairo is 1000 years old
  • Islam was introduced to Egypt in 641 AD
  • 90% of the country is Sunni Muslim
  • Eucalyptus trees grow everywhere due to the similar climate to Australia
  • Egyptian schools give students a grade based on a percentage of all subjects rather than an A, B, C, style system.
  • Salaries increased based on multi-lingual abilities specifically English, French, and German
  • The Nile runs north!
  • The Sphinx faces east toward the sunrise.
  • The Sphinx was cut from a single piece of limestone.

Amazing 5,000 Year Old Pottery



Magnificent. Every moment is richly textured with your awe as well as your understanding.


Comment by connie

I can’t even begin to comprehend something as old as that piece of pottery. And you touched it! And I bet there’s stuff like that scattered everywhere. It’s probably so commonplace that no one came up and said, “Aaaah! Don’t touch the precious ancient pottery shards!” They were probably more like, “Eh, pottery, whatever.”

Comment by Ghoulie

thx it helped me with my h/w

Comment by Johnny

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