COSI’s Lost Egypt Exhibition

Ascending to Heaven by Carli
March 3, 2008, 11:45 pm
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Author: Carli

The world fears time. Time fears the pyramids. These monuments have defeated time. Built in 2650 BC during the “Old Kingdom” 4th Dynasty, these colossal structures reach 481 feet, use 2 million blocks of limestone, and weigh 2.5 to 15 tons per block. They cover 13 acres of land, built entirely on bedrock.

The architecture is flawlessly built at a 52-degree angle, with all 4 sides nearly equal, and the skillfully cut blocks each absorbing pressure from the layers above it. The word pyramid is actually Roman. The original Egyptian word is “mer” meaning “ascending to heaven.” And when you stand in their shadow, touching the cold 5000-year-old limestone, you truly feel like they could reach the sky.

Giza Plateau Panorama Video

At the Base of the Giza Pyramid Video

Interviewing Ana will be the highlight of my trip. She was eloquent, conversant, and the camera loved her. We asked her questions about the process of archaeology, the Field School, the Lost City, careers in archaeology, conservation / preservation, sustainability, her own goals and aspirations, and on and on. It was a remarkable interview and will result in incredible sound bites for both the exhibit and our media needs.



Great video, Carli! We feel like we’re there. It’s raining and chilly here in Columbus today, but it looks like you’re having great weather (no sandstorms). Your excitement really comes through in your videos and your writing. Thanks for sharing all this, and stay safe! – Doug

Comment by Doug

I feel like I am there and all of your posts are so interesting and intriguing! I can’t wait for the next one – be safe and have fun.

Comment by Chris Hurtubise

Good morning. What a day you had! Great work on the videoclips and narrative for the blog. And your sheer amazement in handling the pottery was contagious. Best to s

Comment by Sarah

When I look back on the experiences COSI has provided little ol’ me… I remember meeting Jane Goodall, standing at the feet of Dino Sue, talking to the man behind C3PO, participating in the Future Forum with NASA and feeling great pride as I watched friends perform very important work… all without ever leaving Columbus. Your travels and posts are exciting! I look forward to adding Lost Egypt to my list of memories. Stay safe and keep posting. We’re proud of you!

Comment by Doug

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