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A Serendiptious Day of Interviews and Pyramids by Kate
March 3, 2008, 5:12 pm
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Author: Kate

Group shot of us: Carli, Josh, and Kate
Our guide on this trip is a friend of Ana Tavares, co-director of the Giza Field School and member of the Lost City archaeological team. We called her yesterday, and met up with her today at the Giza Plateau. We were able to go behind-the-scenes and join her and part of her team at the Lost City site. They are currently dealing with the issue of rising groundwater at the site. Even though the excavated buildings have been back-filled with clean, sterile sand, the salt is still leaching to the surface in several areas, showing the effect on the architecture, as it flakes away.

Ana was amazing. She spent most of the day with us, letting us interview her on a variety of subjects and pose her on rocks, sand, and elsewhere for photos and the high-definition videography for the project. The time with her was more than any of us could have hoped for, and we overwhelmingly felt that this day alone made the whole trip worthwhile!

This afternoon another member of the team joined us – Jessica Kaiser. She is the author tell in the exhibit, and we interviewed her in the sand, with a pyramid behind her, on the exact spot where she and the osteology team had uncovered the bones. She told us about the field of osteology, and how she can determine gender, diseases, age, and other information from studying bones. She told us about the amulet necklace found with the girl, and its significance. All in all, it was an amazing and serendipitous day.

Getting ready – Carli Gives an Overview


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