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Permits, Police, and a Jawa – Part Two by Kate
March 2, 2008, 7:45 pm
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Author: Kate

After leaving one of the permit offices today, we had to cross the streets of Cairo – not a task to be taken lately, in a place where the white lines designating lanes are merely a suggestion. Cars, buses, taxis and a motorcycle called a “Jawa” rocketed past us. Our guide fearlessly stepped into traffic, and amazingly, when we followed into the street, the cars pulled up just short of us.

We kept telling ourselves, “Keep going, this is for the kids!”

From there, we headed toward the erect monument of the Cairo Tower, which was built in the late 1950’s. It fans out at the top in imitation of a lotus blossom, and offers one of the best vantage points from which to view (and film!) the city, especially at sunset. Unfortunately we were unable to film there today, but hope to have some pictures for you by the end of the trip from this location.


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