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Permits, Police, and a Jawa – Part One by Carli
March 2, 2008, 7:33 pm
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Author: Carli

We sat at breakfast this morning discussing the shots of Cairo that we needed for both the exhibit and the promotional materials. We talked about the juxtaposition of wrapped Islamic women or men on bikes carrying baskets of bread on their head, while they dodged Mercedes in the streets and passed by McDonald’s and Pizza Hut restaurants.

Catching these moments on film was our intent. However, after successfully gaining filming permission and access to the antiquities through the council, we were halted by the Cairo police for lack of Egyptian press paperwork; meaning that we were unable to film inside the city. So off we went to beg and plead and look ridiculously American.



There is a fabulous photo in the COSI exhibit of the Pyramids at Giza with the modern skyline. I would like to know if this photo is available as a poster? If so where can I find it to purchase?

Comment by Terry

Hi Terry, thanks so much for the compliment. Let me look into it for you.

Comment by COSI

Terry, thanks again for your interest in the shot. Please contact Brad Feinknopf, the photographer, at

Comment by COSI

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