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Touch Down! In Egypt by Josh
March 1, 2008, 5:02 am
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Author: Kate

When the plane touched down, everyone spontaneously applauded. We’re in Egypt! The street signs are in Arabic and English. On the way to the hotel, passing through Heliopolis, “the city of the sun,” I saw graffiti on walls and columns – names written in Arabic with spray paint. I love that this is a universal form of artistic expression.

At dinner tonight, at an outdoor café, eating scrumptious lamb and hummos sandwiches, I searched the sky for familiar stars and constellations, but clouds obscured my view. There are so many stories and customs from this place and these people – both old and new. I want to learn as many of them as I can while we’re here.


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Mmmmm, hummos! I’m picturing you standing in a marketplace trying to decide which piece of wonderful fabric or spice or scent to buy. What a great way to bring a part of Egypt home. I’m glad you are safe and sound and finding artistry graffiti! And I loved seeing the Taz picture in the same series of photos with the Nile and the sculpture of the dude. Enjoy!

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